About Us

Baker Generation | Made in Hong Kong 

Inspired by local authentic Chinese pastries, Baker Generation is a local artisanal bakery that skillfully blends tradition and innovation in Chinese bakery products. We offer our hero product Abalone Puff Pastry aka. Bao Yu So. Staying true to the Chinese roots, all our newly created baked goods are contemporary nostalgic but not old-fashioned. They are locally made by the new generation of bakers who have inherited the traditional craftsmanship from the masters, and are emerging with their young creative ideas to perfectly deliver the most unique and iconic pastries which were first introduced in Hong Kong.

Origin of Abalone Puff Pastry 

Abalone Puff Pastry, one of the most authentic local Chinese pastries originated from Guangdong. Abalone Puff Pastry is named as such as its shape resembles that of an abalone. Back in the old days during the festive season, local people would often purchase a few abalone puff pastries as leisure snacks. This symbolised good fortune and prosperity as its shape resembled Chinese gold ingots.

What makes us different? 

Our boldness and creative process allow us to think out of the box and reinvent and introduce the new classic products to the modern world. 

We’re the pastry master.

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